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Stories of Success

Our professional writers have been in your shoes before – they applied and won several scholarships in their lives. Take a closer look at their stories of success and review short scholarship essay samples they shared with you.

I applied for several scholarships back when I was applying for school, and I knew the most important thing when it came to the scholarship essay is coming up with something unique and original, so I put a lot of thought into the subject and what I would write about. Below is a short segment of an essay sample you can learn the basic principles from.

Monica, Scholarship Essay Writer

My Small Sample Scholarship Essay

I’ve always gotten good grades and tried hard in class, not because of the reward, or because I felt I had to, but because I’ve always had a great interest in learning of all kinds. I spend lots of time outside of class reading and teaching myself everything from rudimentary physics to political science, and it’s this commitment to learning and advancing myself that I feel is one of my most valuable assets.

I won multiple scholarships when I was applying for college, and I was able to do it by coming up with unique things about myself that others might not have, and now I’m a professional glad to help you do so as well, beginning with an essay sample!

Brian, Scholarship Essay Writer

My Scholarship Essay Example

I’ve spent large volumes of time volunteering for my local church at various events, and it’s taught me some of life’s most valuable lessons: empathy, the importance of connecting with people you might otherwise not, that people aren’t always as advantaged as you and that if you’re capable of helping them it’s your duty.

I won a fairly prestigious scholarship when I applied for college, and I was able to do it by focusing not on restating what’s on my resume like most people, but growing and expanding off of it, and as a professional essay writer I’m glad to help you do the same, start with this example of an essay.

Danielle, Scholarship Essay Writer

My Sample Essay for Scholarship

My experience working at Best Buy, volunteering, and going to school really helped me build a work ethic I otherwise wouldn’t have had, and that I can and do apply to my schoolwork all the time. It helped me learn to work with others, to balance workloads, and to get my priorities straight.

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