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Merit Scholarships Program

You don’t wish to pay for college? Well, you have a choice. You can join the Merit Scholarships Program. This is one of the most helpful and most significant scholarship events in the United States. You can check out online if you wish to see a complete list of schools sponsoring the scholarship. The deadline to submit your applications is on April 1. You can process your applications online to make sure that your application forms will be given priority.

Who Can Apply for Merit Scholarships Program

There are certain colleges that pay their students with scholarships based on their achievements in their academics. Based on studies conducted by the World Report and U.S. News, the school Briar Cliff of Iowa pays their students with the highest amount of merit scholarships. On the other hand, there are private colleges that can also pay for endowments. However, there are also public U.S. schools such as the University of Nevada wherein you can be part of the 31% of the students who can receive an aid. Check your specific school for a deadline.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Senior high school
  • U.S. Citizen
  • Scholarship essay

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